• The Road to Hello Lamp Post

    12th July 2013

    Prior to the launch of Hello Lamp Post, the team have written in a few places about the project and its progress. It felt worthwhile to collect a few of those notes here.

    Over at the PAN site, Ben wrote about the development process to date, including some notes on playtesting:

    We don’t want to give too much away about the content, but a lot of our work has focused on the balance between giving the objects personality, and their responsibility to convey the personality of the people of Bristol. We started off building quite characterful objects with recognisable personalities, but we quickly realised that acting like a logic system is more honest to what they are, the personality comes from the people on the system.

    Sam spoke a bit about the way experience cities - and what an experience designer can bring to them - at TedX Hamburg a few months back, and you can see that talk here:

    And, a few weeks, ago, Tom and Ben were interviewed by Keith Stuart over at the Guardian Gamesblog. Ben talked a bit about the inspirations for the project:

    "We are a generation of designers for whom the internet of things is impossible to ignore," says PAN co-founder, Ben Barker. "We understand that objects are often the visible element in far more complex systems, whether that's Berg's Little Printer or a bin that know when it's full. We came to Hello Lamp Post knowing that all the 'things' were already in place, our challenge was to build a network, one that united all these smart systems for a more human outcome."

    …while Tom talked a bit about how Hello Lamp Post fits into the history the Smart City:

    "There's a long tradition of technology reshaping the city by harnessing its citizens – services like Foursquare or Dodgeball, games like MogiMogi, even cycle hire platforms like Vélib. These all alter and improve the city through technology and people. We're taking some of that DNA and then investing the city with some personality."

    It's a meaty interview, and goes into some depth - check it out!