HLP Location Background

Intu, U.K.

2018 - 2019


From the 4th of July 2018 - 28th September 2019, the Big Bugs tour visited 13 Intu Shopping Centres, with the Hello Lamp Post system adding a playful experiential layer to the tour, allowing shoppers to chat to large bug installations in the shopping forecourt using SMS messaging.

As the bugs travelled across the UK, so did the conversations around nature, facts about the bugs themselves and the sharing of stories between Intu customers. This was the systems first iteration within the shopping centre environment, and the engagement we observed during the 56 weeks was a new, exciting and unexpected experience delivered to those who were curious to take part.

Project Goals

  • Make shoppers smile by bringing the bugs to life.
  • Encourage playful experiences within intu centres
  • Passive aggregation of insight from the public/visitors







Project Action

Project Outcomes

The main aim of the project was to bring bugs tour to life and to help to make Shoppers more knowledgeable and more interested about the bugs and nature. Conversations with the bug's were overwhelmingly positive and users seemed to enjoy the playful questions and facts about each bug.

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