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Summerside, Canada



Hello Summerside innovates the public consultation process, engages more Summerside residents, and accesses younger audience of the community. The City of Summerside implemented Hello Lamp Post’s innovative engagement platform, which encourages the public to strike up playful, meaningful text-based conversations with pre-selected objects using their mobile phones. The City Council is now able to gather broad insights and opinions to help its departments make informed business decisions and better serve its community. Citizens are able to engage with objects across the City using any basic mobile phone, receiving interesting and useful information, while also being asked intriguing questions. During these interactions, Hello Lamp Post is able to passively collect perception and feedback results.

Project Goals

  • Innovate the current citizen budget surveying process to garner more feedback from a wider demographic from the city.
  • Transform key historical and cultural assets of the city into interactive reference points, to inform and engage on heritage and cultural programming.
  • Provide a fun and engaging experience to support tourism and gain valuable feedback on community services facilities such as parks and sports centres.







Project Action

Project Outcomes

Highest ever citizen engagement and participation (18% of population) in a city budget process. Resident input has directly shaped the city’s tax budget. The City was previously unable to engage a younger 15 - 30 audience. Using Hello Lamp Post, for the first time they have been able to gather broad perceptions and opinions from this previously inaccessible demographic. 40% of residents feel that the City’s financial priorities are well intended and they have a strong trust that their taxes are being correctly allocated.

Hello Park ensures park comms remain inclusive and accessible which was previously not possible, handles visitor queries on location.

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