Make Communications Teams the Custodians of Council Channels

28, Jul 2020

As seen on CAN Digital, Eleri Salter from CAN and the London Borough of Haringey Council discusses how to get a more creative outcome, better engagement with residents and increased income potential – with inside info from a talking fish. “I came across a great video filmed in Belfast when I was searching the newContinue reading “Make Communications Teams the Custodians of Council Channels”

Can Chatting with City Architecture raise the Revenue of your City or Town?

28, Jul 2020

The first in a series of four blogs on digitally transforming the high street by David Worsell, Founder of Ineo Digital “As councils and businesses begin to reopen their high streets and spend thousands on stickers, hand sanitiser, plexiglass and barricades, why not provide their overstretched teams and the citizens they serve with the toolsContinue reading “Can Chatting with City Architecture raise the Revenue of your City or Town?”

Why Save the High Street when a Digital Revolution is on the way?

28, Jul 2020

By David Worsell, former MD of Granicus UK and our newest advisor and investor. Digital technology can revolutionise the High Street. From frictionless payments to talking lamp posts, how can you make your town a go-to destination? Humans are social creatures. We thrive when we interact, socialise and engage. Now that lockdown restrictions are easingContinue reading “Why Save the High Street when a Digital Revolution is on the way?”

What if our Cities could Talk?

22, Jul 2020

As seen on Comms2Point0, our CEO Tiernan Mines discusses how Hello Lamp Post empowers local authorities to give citizens a voice in city planning and a new way to explore cities and visitor attractions. What if our city buildings, benches, points of interest and landmarks could come to life and talk to you? This isContinue reading “What if our Cities could Talk?”

Hello Lamp Post is Growing

15, Jul 2020

New strategic advisors welcomed in the next phase of expansion. A message from our CEO Tiernan Mines: Hello everyone! I wanted to give a brief update on some exciting news at Hello Lamp Post. I am thrilled to share that we have secured the first part of our maiden round of funding. The round isContinue reading “Hello Lamp Post is Growing”

Looking to digital innovation, post Covid-19, in connecting with citizens.

17, Jun 2020

Local council teams are extremely resource-strained and must find new, more efficient ways to better serve and engage the public.

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